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*Alice in Wonderland (1985) Carrol Channng's white queen was SCARY. Scarier than the jabberwocky!

90s toys my twin cousins have a glow worm and they fight over it. They love it. Yet it is quite scary to me. Lol

1989 Kids Incorporated Theme Song - I knew Fergie was Stacey.. I had no idea Jennifer Love Hewitt was in here too!

A good ole showing of 80 items from the 80's. Inicidentally, I did have these jelly shoes in white. I wore them to Geauga Lake for the day and never wore them again. They ate the life out of my feet and left me with bleeding blisters.

I still have a bunch of these that were my brother's.

I just had to do all the “girlie” 80′s cartoons I loved & remembered as a kid.