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Tool Storage

Storage and organization hacks abound when it comes to handymen and their tools! Check out these genius ways to store and organize your power tools, hand tools, nails, screws, and other DIY materials in your workshop or garage.

Mount the magnet, load the cups, snap on the lids and all your itty-bitties are easy to spot, nab and put away.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Store Your Tools in This Handy Tray Tower: Good woodworking tools deserve a home in a handsome, natural wood cabinet – not a cold metal tray. This birch tool tray tower makes the perfect home for hand tools and small parts.

Store Your Tools in This Handy Tray Tower

Wrench Storage Project: This simple tool storage tote is perfect for organizing all your metric and SAE sockets and wrenches. You can make it in minutes with plywood and two magnetic bars.

Wrench Storage Project

Turn 16 sq. ft. of wall space into almost 48 sq. ft. of hanging storage for tools and supplies with this easy-access pegboard storage unit.

How to Build a Wall Cabinet

Build this workbench with tons of storage space underneath for tools, lumber and materials!

Workshop Organization Tips

This handy toolbox holds all your small garden tools and is light and strong. It’s an easy project that you can make in just a few hours.

Store Garden Hand Tools: Make a Handmade Toolbox

Forget walking back and forth to the clamp rack. Build this roll-around rack and have the clamps right where you’re working.

How to Build the Ultimate Clamp Rack

Save jumbo-sized Nesquik containers to hold nails, lag bolts and extra long drywall screws up to 5 in. long.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Save those 100-oz. laundry detergent bottles and use them to hold jumbo supplies of screws and nails. Cut the top off the bottle to create a wide-mouth bin with a built-in handle.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Save up 12 plastic oil quart bottles, cut away one side with a utility knife, scrub out the oil residue and load them with nails and screws.

Want a handy storage roost for all the little screws, earplugs, nuts and washers in your shop?

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints
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Plastic peanut butter jars work better for storage than glass baby food jars because they hold a lot more hardware and won't smash into slivers if you drop one.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Old-fashioned shower curtain rings ($2 for a 12-pack at a home center) can organize and conveniently display nuts and washers on your pegboard.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

For rust-free storage of expensive air nailer fasteners, use steel ammunition boxes from an army surplus store. They have a watertight seal to help prevent corrosion and they're cheap (about $5).

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Put those neglected muffin tins to work holding small fasteners, electrical parts and more.

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Reduce the tool rust problem by storing tools with vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) products—capsules, liners and bags.

How to Prevent Rusty Tools

Keep your spring clamps springy for a lifetime! Don't store them clamped on a board; the springs will lose their tension. Instead, keep them on a metal towel rod ($3 at a home center).

Storage: How to Store Clamps

Rack makes storing and grabbing easy

Storage: How to Store Clamps

You'll love this bar clamp rack because you can holster pony clamps securely without tightening the lower jaw against the rack. Just drop in the clamp and pull it out when needed.

Storage: How to Store Clamps

Clamps scattered and hard to find when you need them most? Here's a way to keep them in one spot.

Storage: How to Store Clamps

Slide clamps into storage box.

Storage: How to Store Clamps

Since these caps screw tightly on 3/4-in. pipe threads, you can use them to store your pipe clamps on a shop wall.

Storage: How to Store Clamps