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This Board is for Family and Home. It includes DIY, Crafts, Food, Kids, Schooling, Family entertainment, Anything that has to do with your house from decor to repair. What I don't want to see is fashion unless it's a craft project. If you want to pin here send your email addy to and I will add you. You may add your friends or second accounts. NO SPAM TOLERATED. No pinning limits. Visit me at

5 Cool ways to paint kids rooms

Our Pioneer Homestead: Quick Primitive Craft / Gift idea Of The Day~ no sew!!!

How To Create A Gingerbread or Fairy House Out Of Only Glue Sticks, Glitter and Paint. Full tutorial with PDF print and use template.

Leek and Potato Bake.This leek and potato bake makes a delicious meat-free dinner when served with a simple tomato salad. It's also delicious as a vegetable side dish. Quick & easy. See step by step photographs.

KNOB TOP PUMPKINS These little chic pumpkins are so easy to make!!! And adorable!

Cheese Quesadillas - meat free recipe. With just a few simple ingredients you can make this delicious Mexican-style meat free dinner. We often have this as a quick snack too. It takes only minutes to prepare.

Three painless ways to save money. Even if you're on a miniscule budget, you can still save money. You could even live free for a week. Read tips.

Cheese, tomato & olive pastries - recipe.Simple and quick to make, these baked pinwheels are like a savoury Danish pastry. They are delicious served as a meat-free meal or as part of a buffet party. Step by step photographs.

Quick & easy mushrooms in red wine with pasta recipe. See a delicious recipe for mushrooms in a red wine sauce. Served with pasta this is a delicious meat-free meal and also makes a tasty side dish.

Building a Chicken House - 6 Crucial Tips

You haven't tried cheesecake until you've tried this Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Pie. It's out-of-this-world amazing -- and SO much easier than making a regular homemade cheesecake. You've got to try it!

How To Draw Faces – Basic Steps and Tips