Apply to wet hair and your hair dries into long waves. Buy at Target.

How to Make Thin Hair Look Thicker - PositiveMed Try a protein hair treatment, the best ingredient to use is egg. Take 1 or 2 eggs, depending on length of hair & beat them well. Apply to wet hair & leave in for 5 to 10 mins. Wash hair in lukewarm water with shampoo. This treatment can be done 3 to 4 times weekly. Add the gel from 1 or 2 leaves of ALOE VERA once a week for an extra boost.

I'm a hairdresser and these are really good tips and tricks...29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

V cut. I think I might keep my hair long but just cut off a good portion of it so it's not so hot in the summer.

I need to get some layers in my hair again, like this if my hair is long enough?

HOW TO Clip in, Blend & Style Hair Extensions! (great for beginners! or those w/ short or thinner hair)

Side Swept Fringe Hairstyle: Here is a long sleek hair style with side swept bangs from Nicole Anderson. Smooth and simple is the main aim for this luscious look, if you are going to get a new fresh long sleek hair style, why not try this style?

Need this hair cut!!! Time for bangs again =D

apply to wet hair and your hair dries into long waves. apply before a blowout and you get silky, smooth hair. Buy at Target.

peek a boo highlights | Brown Hair with blonde peek a boo highlights | Hair love

Not sure i could do the highlights with my fair skin, but looking at this for fall - kate beckinsale hair - LOVE this hair color!!!

great hair - how would I ask for a cut like this? (long with layers?Trim on ends, layers starting at shoulder, eyebrow grazing bangs that angle at corners!

Ten must-have hair products for fine-haired girls

Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro. I straighten my hair almost everyday so this is really helpful!

Love this color - rich Brunette with soft highlights. To achieve this with Mastey Teinture try a base color of 1/2 4.0 with 1/2 4.3. For the highlights pre lighten with 11.2 and 60 Volume, once that is processed and rinsed, go over it with 8.2 and 8.23 plus a drop of 22 Violet amplifier.

For my brunette friends- this is ow its supposed to look. GORGEOUS!

Teenage Long Hair with slight layering, Honey Highlights with Medium Golden Brown Low Lights


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