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Langsat, a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia


• Schuedi mit Mirabellen und Mohnbutter


Araticum – Rollinia sylvatica

Cape gooseberry by Vickis Nature, via Flickr

Cacao tree...

[Auction] 1 DC of Cocoa Beans

Eugenia myrtifolia

Gac Fruit is a bright red fruit originated from South East Asia

Sweetsop (Annona squamosa) /PHILIPPINES ATIS

Tropical Fruit Seeds

Averrhoa bilimbi, Cucumber tree, Tree Sorrel or Belimbing buluh

Cherimoya or Ice Cream fruit.The name is derived from the Quechua word chirimuya which mean cold seed. Cherimoyas originated in chilly high-altitute areas but now cultivated throughout South America


Tips for growing pawpaw - Gardening - New Zealand Woman's Weekly

Sapodilla tree (buah ciku)

Artocarpus integer commonly known as Cempedak is native to southeast Asia, from Indonesia and Malay Peninsula to the island of New Guinea. The fruit is very popular in its native areas.The flesh can be eaten fresh or after being processed.