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I don't think I will love anything as much as this chicken loves it's human.

Have You Hugged Your Chicken Today?

Cat Visits His Friend In The Zoo

Lynx Is Not Alone Anymore

baby! ♥



Those eyes ♥ I just want to hold and cuddle him

Baby roos

Two little kangaroos snuggle up for a sleep

Baby Polar Bear's First Steps

14 Small Moments That Should Be Their Own Holidays

Cutest. Animated gif. Ever.


Bunday: Bath Time

Playing Lion King

Playing Lion King

“Oh okay, just one more kiss.”

a smiling lamb

Four orphaned hedgehog babies found their new mom after they lost their own. The cat started nursing them alongside her own kitten when they were introduced to her. She adopted them as her own. The little hedgehogs not only have gained a new mom, but also a furry kitty brother. The science of motherhood!

Cat Mom Adopts Four Orphan Hedgehogs

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