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Tecnología & Mobile

Pines sobre Tecnología y noticias referentes, aqui es donde mi corazon de Freak se separa de mi pasion por el Marketing y mi alma de Management

NFC (Near Field Communication) ring. Unlock gadgets or doors just by being near them with your ring!

Groundbreaking NFC Ring Enables Real Life Sci-Fi Features

GeckoEye Motion Sensor, Solar Powered Wireless Security Camera - The GeckoEye has been designed to provide users with a car DVR or a portable security camera that can be placed on windows or similar to help you keep an eye on your premises or a specific location. It measures just 45mm across and is powered by a solar panel on its rear and support both Android and iOS devices. | Geeky Gadgets

The PocketBand is a silicone band which features a secret pouch for money, keys, or other small belongings. Just turn it inside-out, put the item in the waterproof pocket, flip it back, and wear it! Now,, its easy for you to carry your small belongings when you go for a jog, swim, hit the beach or engage in other activities. Designer: PocketBands

PocketBands - Secret Compartment Wristband » Yanko Design

10 Reasons to Invest in a #ResponsiveWebsite

10 Reasons to Invest in A Responsive Website (Infographic)

SoundCloud tendrá publicidad y eso es buena noticia - FayerWayer

SoundCloud tendrá publicidad y eso es buena noticia - FayerWayer

¡CREA TU PROPIO BOB ESPONJA! Entrad en y hacer un Bob (compartirlo, imprimirlo, descargarlo y llevarlo al fondo bikini con los de otros niños).... O descargar coloreables, fondos de pantalla y wallpapers de cualquiera de los personajes (Tortugas Ninja, Jimmy Neutrón, Dora, etc) .... Pronto videos y mucho más

Samsung anuncia el primer smartphone con Tizen OS

Samsung anuncia el primer smartphone con Tizen OS

Hard candy pink custom modded rapid fire xbox controller

Candy Pink Xbox 360 Modded Controller |

TURNING A PROFIT How Quickly Tech Companies Build Wealth -- ¿Cuanto ingresan por segundo las Grandes Tecnológicas? ¿cual es su beneficio? - Míralo en tiempo real en esta Web

In the last 30 seconds Apple made $162,585.