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Stopping for a bite

Hazel and Grott

Glorious Django

So much hair at the NM Expo

Thank goodness he has spots or we would never find Bailey.

Flower Child


A pillow for Jasper

No, really, I'm comfortable.

♥ Ricochet crossed the rainbow bridge on 08/19/14


Hiking with my best friend.

Ok, but I'm gonna pout.

Do I really have to wear this?

Chillin' with Grott and Jazz

Snow depth indicator

Did you say dinner?

The perfect corgi smile.

Best buds

It's a 3 squeaky dog night.

This is Django's "come hither" look.

This happy face never fails to melt my heart.

Feeling the LOVE!

Me and my handsome man at the New Mexico Film Foundation Friendraiser.