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Creative Work Spaces

As part of our story on the offices of leading creative minds, we had our Twitter followers submit images of their own creative spaces. Pictured here are the inspiring offices of @mod. With great views of Phoenix, smart design, technical convenience, and even a wine bar, this is the perfect mobile office. To see your creative space featured, tag us @Fast Company and use #mycreativespace on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Kelly

    "Nest of chaos"... That's it, I'm don't trying to edit, tame, clean my workroom. I here and now, I accept my "nest of chaos"!

  • Kelly


Few People Get Their Best Work Done In A Dull Gray Cubicle Farm Or A Noisy Open Office. Here’s How To Create The Optimal Work Environment With The Perfect Temperature, Lighting And Noise Levels.

"Our plan puts a lot of conferencing in the core, and we got rid of the cubicle walls, which allows for better views and more natural light," says Orpilla.

Studio O+A has designed new headquarters for software developer Giant Pixel. The first thing you see upon entering? The opening crawl text from Star Wars--written in a custom-made binary code.

The Giant Pixel office is an example of Studio O+A’s larger goal: designing offices that can foster company culture, instead of doing wacky, amusement-park-like offices and assuming they'll somehow lead to great ideas.