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My Awesome Desk

We asked our readers to share the quirks and fun things that make their workspace unique by tagging #myawesomedesk on Twitter. Here are a collection of our favorites.

"'Kids, Obamacare premiums may skyrocket. But not crying to Jesus over it are we?' #myawesomedesk"

"#myawesomedesk Coffee the best part of my John Deere Combine office desk today, trying to beat the rain"

"It's always a birthday celebration at our lead graphic designer's desk! #myawesomedesk"

"#myawesomedesk comes with a great view and even better company."

"Here's #myawesomedesk complete with Lego minifig and sea view (when the blinds are open!). It's a standing desk."

"#myawesomedesk is also my awesome dining table and my awesome place for dumping stuff."

Office dinosaurs, anyone? #myawesomedesk

From Twitter user @John Searles Searles : "Hey Fast Company #myawesomedesk is KILLER."

"Take a look at some of the stuff spotted around our office #myawesomedesk #officedecor" Instagram photo by @The Creative Group (The Creative Group)

Fast Company's resident foodie and Web Producer Cia Bernales keeps her desk stocked with a bottle of Sriracha sauce . . . just in case. #myawesomedesk

Fast Company senior editor Jason Feifer keeps his desk stocked with a healthy collection of alcohol. (He's also a fan of the Miami Heat.) #myawesomedesk

Assistant News Editor Jessica Hullinger keeps a piggy companion on her desk. #myawesomedesk