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Quilt Blocks

Easy quilt blocks, free quilt blocks, traditional quilt blocks, and modern quilt blocks

cross squares. would be a great strip piecing idea ... put it together quickly

Try out some of these 17 Fantastic Free Quilt Block Patterns to sharpen your piecework skills.

Follow this tutorial, and before you know it, you'll have a full quilt design starting to form right before your eyes.

Give your next star quilt pattern a look of sheer elegance by including at least one Supersized Stars and Chains Quilt Block.

Give one of the most treasured quilt block patterns even more room to shine with this Supersized Star of Bethlehem Quilt Block pattern.

Break away from the conventional look of star quilt block patterns with the outstanding Scrappy Postage Stamp Star Quilt Block.

The beautiful Hearts Embers Quilt Block will make an absolutely stunning Valentine's Day or anniversary quilt or table runner.

The Chevron Strip Tube Block is an eye-catching chevron quilt pattern that will look beautiful no matter what you make with it.

Develop your abilities to create more depth in your quilting with a quilt block pattern like the 3D Stunning Star Block.

Create a quilt with a cool optical illusion by quilting this awesome Technicolor Twist Block.

Check out our list of the top six quilt block patterns on our site now!

@Jennifer Ofenstein can help you make your quilt shine with a gorgeous star quilt block using winter colors.

Find out how to make the alluring Contessa's Canoe quilt block pattern with @Jennifer Ofenstein's paper piecing template.

@Amy Gay@ Butterfly Angels Quilting can help you relive the glory of a southern autumn any day of the year with this beautiful quilt block pattern.

Scrapbuster Rail Fence Quilt Block - Piece together your scrappy quilt leftovers into an eye-catching quilt block pattern that'll make any design stand out. It can be the first step towards an amazing scrappy rail fence quilt pattern.

Alice Brooks Butterfly Block - More advanced quilters have to try this sensational new quilt block pattern. Use templates to design a gorgeous butterfly that will come to life with colorful prints.

Stacks and Stacks of Scraps Quilt Block - Your fabric scraps will have never looked so good. Make these super simple quilt block patterns to add a unique look to your next pattern.

Clever Bargello Block - Make a modern quilt block pattern that also breaks down part of the famous bargello quilt design. These individual quilt blocks are much easier to make than you might think!

Split Drunkard's Path Block - Make totally different drunkard's path designs with a clever variation on the standard quilt block design from @Tracey Rampling. Combine this with a gorgeous star quilt design and make a mesmerizing pattern worthy of any quilt.

Quilt As You Go Log Cabin Block - @Rachel Hauser is applying the quilt as you go technique to make log cabin quilt block patterns with ease. If you want to make some quilt block patterns for your next log cabin quilt pattern fast, try this.

Take a new approach to how you design your cathedral window quilt blocks with this simple variation from @Rachael (imagine gnats). Pick your lushest fat quarter patterns and make your next quilt just a little bolder.

@Faith Jones will help you fill your next quilt pattern full of colorful little butterflies. Using some smart strip quilting, you can create string quilt blocks that bring magic to any kind of quilt.

@Andie Johnson will have you crossing your charm pack quilt patterns and stitching together scrap quilting leftovers to make this beautiful block quilt pattern. You can even learn to make a variation that's just as eye-catching. Make individual quilt blocks or a whole series to make any pattern pop.

Take a look at 4 of our favorite free quilt blocks before starting your next quilt. You might find one of these quilt block patterns to have just what you were looking for. You might choose a traditional like the cathedral windows quilt pattern or the chic spring look of a variation on a Dresden plate pattern.