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MoPho is an iPhone app that turns your iPhone pix into awesome temporary tattoos. ...need to do this! #ILOVEPHOTOJOJO

It's a long exposure shot with sparklers All they had to do was stand there very still and someone else ran around them with a sparkler. it's like a fairy tale!

Triple Spiral: As a Celtic symbol for mother and her many aspects, the triple spiral represents the various phases of womanhood, the passing of time, and the unity of these diverse dimensions. This symbol also represents the three phases of woman-ness: Mother in her compassion and nurturing state, Maiden in her innocence and pure state and Crone in her wise and experienced state. Great Tat idea

awesome back piece! Done at Spidermonkey tattoo in Olympia, Washington by artist Lexi Rex.

Photo by Troyt Coburn for Vouge Australia.

LOST AT SEA - Ariel by ~telegrafixs on deviantART

Long plaid boyfriend shirt, leggings, knee socks and boots.

Disney Princess Pinup Girl Tattoo – Alice in Wonderland! would tweet it a little... but I love ALice!

This quote would be a perfect tattoo.

Tattoo idea: moon and ocean spirits from Avatar the Last Air Bender

Done in 3hs. I am in love with Elephants and it has a familiar meaning to me. Elephants represent power, stability, family and companionship like no other animal. Done by Bacon @Gatto Matto. Campinas-SP, Brazil.

would love to have this but instead say "strength out of weakness"