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Roses sleeve tattoo, This is kinda how I would like for mine to eventually turn out. lol but I doubt I ever get the courage to do it.

i like this idea, with my exsiting cupcake at the top, with nice swirls flowing up to it with smaller cupcakes, and reverse shaded cupcakes instead of stars. wouldn't want the swirls to have the stamen looking bulbs on the end though

lily tattoo designs | Beautiful lily flower tattoos design images

Hibiscus Tattoo ...Without the all the black

I love this one for my shoulder. I dont know if ill have enough guts to get this one though. I would definitely get a hibiscus instead of a stargazer and prob. start out with a star for each family member.

Harley tattoo

Love how this tattoo is in color, but not solid. It's so striking.

sister tattoo - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

tattoo idea with it being more of a swirl with Imagine Create

Flower Tattoo - I might have to do some extra work on the one I already have

I want the mother and child with the infinity sign connecting them but not the other stuff that is here. I thought about adding three little stars where the heart; one for each child. mother and child tattoo

tattoo that symbolizes mother's love for her children, maybe small on my wrist

side flower vine tattoo for women