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Non-Sponsor Gatorade employ Usain Bolt to prove their place at the Olympics “We weren’t there on stadium billboards. We weren’t there on double-decker buses. We weren’t on buttons, souvenirs or commemorative snow globes. We weren’t there officially sponsoring anything. We were there for real – inside the bodies of some of the greatest athletes on earth.” #PR #WinFromWithin

To promote the latest collection of David Beckham Bodywear for H, two 10 foot tall silver statues of the man himself, in all his glory, have been placed outside the Regent Street store in London. #PR

Entertainment retailer HMV will open it’s first ‘social media cafe’ in Cambridge on Saturday with high hopes of bringing the ailing retailer into the new, social media savvy era. The move will allow shoppers to browse the internet while enjoying a coffee, and is in retaliation to customers favoring online over high street shopping.

The Royal Mail are celebrating Team GB gold medal winning athletes by painting their iconic red postboxes gold in the medalists hometown, as well as immortalising the winning athletes on 1st class stamps.

London 2012 sportswear sponsors adidas has completed a major one of a kind window installation for London department store Harrods; the displays span across 16 separate windows, and cover the length of the Hans Crescent side of the store, which is passed by tens of thousands of locals and tourists everyday.

So much love for Piglet

empty13 campaign asks 'what does 2013 hold in store for marketers?'

More ad than PR but brill all the same - Lynx screens worlds 1st sound-activated cinema ad in UK at the Dark Knight Rises showings | PR Examples burglary experiment - social experiment where members of the public were invited to fake burgle a house in order to win prizes of commonly stole items such as ipads, to show the importance of protecting your home & home insurance

Urban Outfitters integrates Instagram & Twitter to crowd-source customer photos onto product pages | PR Examples

Oddbin’s anti-LOCOG stunt rewards Pepsi-drinking, Nike-wearing, MasterCard-using customers | PR Examples

#UK2012 - DKNY creates a buzz around their store renovation using a faux social media convo, celebs, and FOMO. #PR

Charity Kids Company & Netmums want to turn old phones into meals for kids | PR Examples

Panda's in Paris - The WWF placed 1, 600 papier mache panda bears in front of the Eiffel Tower. The number represented the number of pandas alive in the world and drew attention to the issues about their native environment in China. Lessons learned: strength in numbers, bring an idea or a number to life in a compelling way.

Missing People enlist Kate McCann as brand ambassador, to launch digital billboard campaign | PR Examples #PR #stunt

Two boys try to snatch Olympic Torch in mischievous stunt | PR Examples

Warburtons #ToastieKnife Heating knife that warms butter to the optimal temperature for spreading butter of toast #PR

Brilliant interactive presentation by Stockholm, using iPad's. Performed at Cannes.

Rap your CV - a genius example of self promotion, that won Kieran King a Chip Shop Award!

Disappearing ink puts readers on a 2 month time limit to encourage readers to finish material by new authors. 'The Book That Can't Wait' by Argentinean publisher Eterna Cadencia.

Vending machine offers free tea in return for tweets using #BOSTWEET4T

Vending machine offers free tea in return for tweets using #BOSTWEET4T

Billionaire digital media entrepreneur, Alki David, has offered Chris Brown and Drake 1 million dollars each to settle their differences with a boxing match, with a further 1 million dollars going to charity. This follows up an alleged bar brawl in a New York nightclub on 13th June.