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Greek orthodox church /Icons !!!!

No Bake Cheesecake Trifle

No Bake Cheesecake Trifle — Dashing Dish

MYSTAGOGY: The Passion of the Holy Martyr Sophia and Her Three Daughters Faith, Hope and Love

Holy Virgin Pelagia (3rd cent Tarsus, Asia Minor) heard about Christ through friends and believed. To remain pure, she refused to marry a prince and fled home to be baptized. The prince committed suicide; the emperor also proposed and Pelagia refused. Her flesh melted like myrrh in a red-hot oven, filling the city with fragrance; her unharmed bones were cast out of the city. 4 lions guarded them until they were found by the Bishop who had baptized her; he buried them. (May 4)

The Epiphany Celebration in January

Celebrating the "Epiphany" Today! - California Greek Girl

How to Make a Cross out of Palm Branch

How to Make a Cross out of Palm Branch | CraftsLove

Althanasius of Alexandria Pope of Alexandria; Confessor and Doctor of the Church

O άγιος Δημήτριος ο Mυροβλήτης.Αρματωμένος την Αρματωσιά του Θεού. (Κόντογλου Φώτης)

St. Photini, the Samaritan woman. You may know the story from the Bible, but Orthodoxy tells us what happened next. Her son, Victor, was a Roman general who defied Nero. She and her daughters traveled to Rome and spoke with Nero, trying to convert him to Christianity. Instead, he launched a persecution, during which she and her children were executed. Here, she is show with her eight children, all of them also saints.

Byzantine Icon of the Nativity (Birth of Christ- Vatopedi Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece)