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► ◄ Share our emoticons and smiley faces whenever you message or chat on Facebook.

If you want to let someone know that you think they're hot, you can send them this image on Facebook. Post it on their timeline, in your status, or share it in a message. You can even include it in comments.

Salivating Heart

Kooky Heart Emoticon.Visit the site and see more like this.

Groggy Emoticon

New Facebook Emoticons

These big glasses are perfect when you need to carefully examine all the facts!

Winking Emoticon - Send this wink in a chat message or post to an FB timeline.

Winking Emoticon

Cupid emoticon with love arrow.

New Facebook Emoticons

Star Emoticon Showing Thumbs Up

Star Emoticon Showing Thumbs Up

Angry Emoticon - Sometimes words cannot do justice to the explosive anger we feel! For those times, we need an image like dynamite or a bomb. When raw anger is upon you, don't keep it bottled up inside where it can cause stress; send it in the form of this emoticon to a timeline or in a private chat message.

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Kiss Emoticon

Kiss - Facebook Symbols and Chat Emoticons

This smiley is a caffeine fiend. Maybe you are too or, perhaps, you are friends on Facebook with someone who equates coffee with mother’s milk.

New FB Smileys - Facebook Symbols and Chat Emoticons

“Love is the soul of genius,” according to Mozart and we couldn’t agree more with the musical maestro!

Love Emoticons, Smileys and Quotes

Smiley Giving A Rose. We currently have more than 500 chat codes for Facebook emoticons and smileys. You can easily send secret smileys and hidden Facebook emoticons to all your friends to enjoy.

Coffee Smiley For Facebook Chat

New Facebook Emoticons

Start sending new Facebook chat emoticons!

Facebook Symbols and Chat Emoticons

New emoticons for Facebook!

New Facebook Emoticons

This emoticon is simply lovely! Add some real natural beauty to your Facebook with our Butterflies Emoticon.

Butterflies Emoticon

You're just feeling groovy and want to convey the feeling! When the mood strikes and the tunes are cranked the way you like them, let your FB pals know you're just hanging out by posting this cool emoticon on your wall. You can send it in a private chat message too!

New Facebook Emoticons

Let your significant other know you need a special getaway--even if it's only to share sips at your favorite hang-out! You'll find that our large collection is always expanding so be sure to check out all our galleries for new and exciting emoticons that are perfect for any occasion.

Emoticons Sharing a Drink