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If I do want to get married some day.. (And I dont know if I want to) This is the tattoo I'm getting!

One day, when my legs are skinnier, i want a garter tattoo!

Blue Garter tattoo on thigh. These colors are really cool. Especially on light skin like mine

This is the best. Checkout my website and support my new clothing line and my mission to help orphans in Uganda!

garter tattoo | Tumblr found on Polyvore

Bow Tattoos I ACTUALLY do think are cute! Saw a girl w/similar ones going all the way down her legs (got smaller w/each one)

"The tattoo designer has used symmetry to give a sense of order to this woman's back tattoo. The darker colors and art style give the finished tattoo a gothic feel, which compliments the bows on her thighs." I love stocking seams tattoos

I always wanted stocking tattoos but not the tiny conventional ones so I went all out and got huge ripped blue bows with stormtrooper heads in the center. Done by Mike at Black Lantern in Phoenix, AZ