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FCA Staff Photos and Caregiving Events

Don't have a face to put with FCA? Get to know us a bit and *meet* some of the staff!

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: Discussion circle; getting to know each other

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: End of the day wrap-up . . . many smiles = a successful retreat

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: The product of caregiver creativity . . .

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: A walk in the woods adds to the relaxation and de-stressing.

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: A good place for connecting with other caregivers for future support

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: Sharing creativity at the crafting table

Spanish-speaking caregiver's retreat: Deep into sharing

Spanish-Speaking Caregiver's Retreat: FCA Staff working the retreat . . . Rosa, Hilda and AJ. Thank you ladies, for a successful day.

Spanish Caregiver's Retreat: FCA services sign greets caregivers at the door along with staff just inside . . .

The 2013 winners of the Rosalinde Gilbert Innovations in Alzheimer's Disease Caregiving Legacy Awards. (Left to Right:) Anna Fitch and Banker White (WeOwnTV), Gary Glazner (New Mexico Literary Arts), Richard Ziman (Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation), Kathleen Kelly (Family Caregiver Alliance), Mark Cornett and Kathleen Herd (Alzheimer’s Community Care), and Liz Schwarte (Ad Lucem Consulting)

Colorado Caregivers and Veterans event, April 2014

Colorado Caregivers and Veterans event

FCA's Family Counselor, Christina Irving at a recent Colorado event for Caregivers of Veterans

AJ Dugay, our Education Coordinator, with Rosa Estrada, our Bay Area CRC Intake Specialist, and guest webinar speaker, Jeannette Hilgert, LCSW. Webinar topic: Managing Caregiver Stress in Spanish (April 9th, 2014)