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1° example of bathroom relooking... just few stuff to buy lotts of creativity and to redesign space to use an easy way the bath. stencil decoration & forniture recycling...with me for idea to teach how.. or to realize directly

2° example of relloking for your caft idea tewxtile ..decoration painting for walls. art buying forniture for bathroom and others kind ...and the last interior decoration with flowear and mixed with lights studio to create the right atmosphere but with the right concentrationa of me to have suggestion consulting and real tips to redesign your space.....

this are some ideas about renovating of visual merchandisign for store corner, the same happen in a normal house or aprtment. Set up all together through colour mood and light, qithout added nothing, just what do you have in your place and location. Call me to redesign and realize your space, just in 2/3 hours

one kind of solution to renovate your bathroom