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GROUP art project ideas

Each rectangle of art was created by a different child at the school where I teach using a method of printing that uses a gelatin print. The children were all able to make several prints. I selected one from each child and mounted them on this canvas. We had an opening reception for the collaboration last night.

Art with Kids: printmaking

Using ipad and iphone apps to transform drawings and photos....great way to incorporate technology in the art room!

each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. Great school unity project!

Live, Love, Teach: This is it...

Grade level makes a mountain range - give several small squares to each student and ask them to cut them into two pieces, retaining at least one flat side and its corners. Then collect all the papers and organize them by height and stick them together. Great collaborative work!

shine brite zamorano: getting ready for a celebration.

shine brite zamorano: getting ready for a celebration.

This could work really well if you assign each student a colour from those DIY colour swatch cards. they then have to mix the colours to match up.

Artwork published by library2

free time activity...have students who finish early hunt through magazines for the letters A-R-T. Collaborative art for the classroom. Great Idea Frecklephotoblog!

Another free time activity . . .

Bright and colorful Egg Carton flowers for spring! These crafts can decorate the classroom into Summer, and are the perfect way to recycle all the extra cartons from egg activities for Easter

May flowers... - Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Kandinsky mural lesson for elementary: Review: 1. Overlapping 2. Repeating Shapes (geometric and organic) 3.Shapes inside of shapes 4.line (follow the leader lines) 5. colors 6. Things that run off the edge of the paper 7. 3-D shapes 8. shapes and background areas that are filled in and some that are open

smART Class: Hip Hop Kandinsky Murals!

Fab collaborative painting going on at The Kids' Country Club (",)

great for student helpers...cut and sort magazine clippings by their color.

Making Art with Children

community weaving project. It would be fun to do this with textiles

Lake and Hartville Elementary Art: 5th Grade

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Chihuly

There's a Dragon in my Art Room: Finishing Touches!

Community art- painting crosswalks

Bottle top art, toilet paper tubes

Mount Scott Elementary Parent Teachers Oranization