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Piano shelf by Sebastian Erraruriz Available in black or white. Completely adjustable to whatever size object you want to store or display. Folds flat against the wall when not in use. Smart.

Wonderful Piano Shelf by Sebastian Errazuriz

Custom Engraved Rolling Pins Imprint Patterns into Cookie Dough www.thisiscolossa...

Custom Engraved Rolling Pins Imprint Patterns into Cookie Dough

The project was commissioned by Norwegian sustainable timber producers Kebony, to explore and demonstrate the potential of using their engineered softwoods in outdoor furniture.

Coffee Bench by Beyond: Rotate the elements to create seating, armrests and tables.

Same But Different: furniture that repeats on you

To create these pear Buddhas, the fruit is molded into its shape during the growth process on the tree itself.

Chubby Baby Shaped Pears in China - """""""

"Mountains and roads"- neon pink and green threads on heavy weight paper

My new favorite art plaything! iOrnament combines art and science, creativity and education, math and fun. With iOrnament everyone can be an artist. You draw strokes and i...

Shower Curtain - London Underground Map -

Map bedding.

Designed by Tokyo-based designer Kota Nezu, clock parasol is an interesting design which “Direct yourself so that ‘N’ of the compass points at yourself, ‘S’ points at ’12′ of the parasol. Then the sun seen through the parasol can tell you the approximate season and time by its position

Doodle circuits with Circuit Scribe

tree trunk library in berlin