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I laughed harder than i should have.

"True. Waaaaaaaaaaaay too true. (Yes, all those a's were needed)"

I Can Walk Myself, Thank You

IGNORE ME! The Grand Galactic Inquisitor

a tale of hides and time

chainsawsuit - internet humor, fresh-cut » coming to TLC

chainsawsuit - internet humor, fresh-cut » bells murdock: ocean lawyer

i dont know why i found this so hilarious

Funny Pictures – 61 Pics

BILL WATTERSON: A cartoonist's advice

get your shit together shrimp van

Thanks China.... I'm sure "Batman: Super Warrior" will be the next Nolan project You had ONE job

you will not be refunded

"All of human history has led us to the moment that we developed the technology to digitally add a top hat to a photo of an adorable miniature octopus."