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Reduce Reuse Upcycle

I'm not a total dumpster diver, but maybe because art school brainwashed me to think of "found objects" as "free material," I love to try and reincarnate a find from a ditch or a thrift store into something fun...oooh like this cute shrunken sweater!

The Cheese Thief: Bending Popsicle Sticks for a Wooden Helix Vase

i would also like this with CliffsNotes.

So pretty...I saved a couple of blue water bottles from a visit to spain years ago, and I've decided I am definitely going to smuggle a few more back from next month's roadtrip there.

I've always wanted to do this.

finally- Something to do with all those Do Not Pass signs!

If I was better at keeping plants alive, I would definitely do this.

the kids and I did something like this over our sofa using white items they found around the house...shells, legos, paper flowers, buttons. I love it, it's pleasantly temporary, and they thought it was super fun!