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I love the layering of plates including the tartan, and toile.

Even on a molecular level, a zygote is a completely different being than the mother--even at the moment of conception.

Why Libertarians Should be Pro-Life on Abortion | "Abortion seeks first and foremost to avoid responsibility. It also violates the Non-Aggression Principle, for what is less an aggressor than an unborn human who came into being through no fault of her own, but due to the decisions of her parents?"

use her old girl scout Daisy vest to make a tote bag.for use as a Brownie SCOUT

silver Venetian masquerade mask for man or woman, Etoile.

Without firearms and bayonets! The weak would be prey for the strong.

  • Audra Johnson

    I love that she knows how to hold her firearm! Unlike some in the spotlight.

family yearbooks... So the family pics aren't just stuck on the computer. Love this!!!!

I'm Jewish. I'm Muslim. Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

  • Liv Ah

    This is really over simplifying things and not even touching on the reality of the situation. It's not a Jewish Muslim thing. Jews, Muslims, Christians, ect were living in peace before Israel started pushing Palestinians off their land. This about powerful governments using mass genocide, and media propaganda in order to decimate a population and gain control of a region. It has very little to do, if anything at all, with religious difference between the people. & until more people are willing to address the true nature of that's going on in the middle east, I fear little will be done to stop this crises.

  • Nurture Nature Project

    Thank you for your comment! Much agree. There is nothing simple about the situation.

Soften candy canes in oven, then reshape into anything