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weird stuff!

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Team Rocket - James's Pokemon


15 Powerful Photographs... Wow

"So I wasted 11 dollars to turn George Washington into the Disney Princesses… LOOK AT POCAHONTAS!" Brilliant.

If Disney Princesses Had Instagram



How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush..

Beer Relay Race at Reception #beer #wedding #beerwedding #reception

This changes everything

The Dalai Lama and Mr. Rogers are friends

everything about this is fantastic.


Snow White as the Hulk.

Pocahontas as Captain America.

Belle as Thor.

Mulan as Hawkeye.

Jasmine as Iron Man.

35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About TheUniverse

In 1952, the Kroger Food Foundation wanted to see what would happen it gave kids ages 6-10 free reign of a grocery store. Would they rack up a huge bill? Go straight for the candy? | What Happens When You Let Kids Go Wild In The Grocery Store In1952

Music is love