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Sunset over Chilkoot lake just outside of Haines - Alaska, USA (by Jason Wolsky)

Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries: From the Snack Aisle: doo-dads

Robin Williams-You could always see it,just there,barely out of sight,that sadness that went to his core.Not anymore Robin,it's gone now,unfortunately,it took you with it.Your demons will have to ride someone elses back now,you're finally free.I'd love to see the sparkle that must be in your eye now,with them exorcised and forever banished......V.J.

we would wrap our boyfriends class ring with angora yarn to fit our finger...

August 16, 1977 - Elvis Presley dies. I remember exactly where I was.

Chicken Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Shrimp Scampi Linguine Recipe - Rasa Malaysia & ZipList

Pine Cones and Acorns: Spiced Pumpkin Bars with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting