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Vintage Girdle

The average American woman in the 1950s did not have a 22 inch waist and did not wear haute couture fashions. Many felt a vintage girdle such as the following was required to maintain a smooth fit wearing the slim fitting suits fashionable in the fifties.

Girdle displayed on a mannequin. In the 1930s, technological innovations such as Lastex and other lightweight, easily washable stretch fabri...

A 1920s girdle. Girdles of the 1920s usually extended from waistline to hipline, came in white or peach-tone elastic, and were worn over ste...

Formfit Lingerie Promise Fulfilled Bra Girdle (1952)

  • Sasha Williams

    I love how some of the 50's lingerie style is coming back. Who says you need to be exposed to be sexy?

Spirella Corsets in the 1960

Spirella Corsets in the 1960

Girdles and Corsets 1950s & 1960s

Perma-Lift Coquette Corset 1956 Good Housekeeping

Scarlet urging Mammy to pull her corset laces even tighter to effect an eighteen inch waistline.