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spices in a drawer- with baby food jars and chalkboard paint! Awesome idea!

  • Erin Angove

    I just use a sharpie on the original containers and store in drawer. Far less work.

  • Jen Zucco Love

    I did this with my seeds that I saved from the summer for my garden. Can also work for sewing supplies - like buttons

  • Live laugh love

    so when it erases by the kids or on accident you can be wondering what it is!! LOL

  • Jessica Murphy

    Todays craft :)

  • Cassie Gray

    Great idea!!! Going to try this

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Imagine organizing hair clips under the bathroom sink for little Z.


Baby food Popsicle.

Baby Food: Not Just for Babies? Growing Your Baby
  • Christina Dykstra Goetzke

    Um the neck of the jar is smaller than the rest of it...I doubt it comes out in one piece!

  • howcross

    Go look at the original.... this is not a photo of frozen baby food! It is just baby food... not frozen. It is an illustration for an article about adults who easy

  • howcross

    Oops. That should be "adults who east baby R

  • howcross

    Adults who eat baby food. Sheesh... Stupid keyboard. Sorry!

  • Denise Blade

    Thanks to Denise, "The Educator", I really enjoy this website.

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Stalagmites and stalactites

Raising mad scientists: Stalagmites and stalactites

Recycle Baby Food Jars into Terrariums and Tea Kits!

Tips For Drying And Storing Seeds. Use Baby Food Jars.

Tips for Drying and Storing Seeds

Baby food jar favors

Simple Baby Shower Favors You Can Make | eHow
  • Angela1915

    That is such a Fantastic Idea! AWWW, and I loved them, so cute

  • Nan Horst

    These are so cute!! its the fabric or paper?? I am fixing to get ready to decorate some for Christmas and I'm wondering which is easier paper or fabric?

  • Crystal Abel @ Eccentric Eclectic Woman

    I would use the sticky backed fancy paper you can get at the craft store.

  • Nan Horst

    Thanks! I will have to check that out!