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spices in a drawer- with baby food jars and chalkboard paint! Awesome idea!

  • Anna Land Hernandez

    Doing this right now with all my jars...can't wait to see how they turn out!

  • Erin Angove

    I just use a sharpie on the original containers and store in drawer. Far less work.

  • Jen Zucco Love

    I did this with my seeds that I saved from the summer for my garden. Can also work for sewing supplies - like buttons

  • Live laugh love

    so when it erases by the kids or on accident you can be wondering what it is!! LOL

  • Jessica Murphy

    Todays craft :)

Imagine organizing hair clips under the bathroom sink for little Z.


Baby food Popsicle.

Baby Food: Not Just for Babies? Growing Your Baby
  • Christina Dykstra Goetzke

    Um the neck of the jar is smaller than the rest of it...I doubt it comes out in one piece!

  • howcross

    Go look at the original.... this is not a photo of frozen baby food! It is just baby food... not frozen. It is an illustration for an article about adults who easy

  • howcross

    Oops. That should be "adults who east baby R

  • howcross

    Adults who eat baby food. Sheesh... Stupid keyboard. Sorry!

  • Denise Blade

    Thanks to Denise, "The Educator", I really enjoy this website.

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  • Angela1915

    That is such a Fantastic Idea! AWWW, and I loved them, so cute

  • Nan Horst

    These are so cute!! its the fabric or paper?? I am fixing to get ready to decorate some for Christmas and I'm wondering which is easier paper or fabric?

  • Crystal Abel @ Eccentric Eclectic Woman

    I would use the sticky backed fancy paper you can get at the craft store.

  • Nan Horst

    Thanks! I will have to check that out!