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DIY 3D Printers

This is a collection of 3D printer kits commercially available at the moment. They come unassembled and require the user to assemble and calibrate. This keeps the cost of the device down and allows the user to gain intimate knowledge of their device by assembling themselves.

35 Pins

DIY 3D Printers

  • 35 Pins


iRapid [$1313]

Solidoodle 2nd Gen [$499]

ShapeOko [$175]

The Cube [$1299]

Cubify 3D Printer CES Debut

Hadron ORD Bot [$350]

Fab@Home v2.0 [$2125]

Ultimaker [$1565]

Fabbster [$1340]

Shapercube 2.1 [$1245]

RapMan 3.2 [$1610+]

3DTouch [$3490+]

3DTouch 3D Printer | Bits From Bytes

Buildatron 2 [$1599]

FELIX 1.0 [$1178]

BotMill Axis {Prusa} [$1065]

Prusa Mendel [$852]

GRRF PRotos {Prusa Mendel} [$1048]

Mendel v2 [$999]

Mosaic [$899]

Prusa Mendel [$1195]

Prusa Mendel Metric [$825]

Orca v0.40 [$957]

Orca v0.30 [$851]

Orca v0.2 [$785]