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Download New Speech Therapy Handouts! | Mommy Speech Therapy

Download New Speech Therapy Handouts! | Mommy Speech Therapy

Early Learning at ISZL: Reading Outside, by Bree

Early Learning at ISZL: Reading Outside, by Bree

BC Early Learning Framework and From Theory to Practice - PDF files available on-line, Learn about pedagogical documentation

Virtual School Society | Virtual School Meanderings

The process of noticing and recording children’s learning is an essential practice of effective early childhood educators. Noticing meaningful learning encounters and then collecting this information in a number of ways enables us as educators to fulfil the promise we make to children and their families—that ‘we will extend and enrich children’s learning’. Being attuned to children means that we will be alert to their learning and record it.

separate doc panels for each centre so we you can see the progression throughout the year

Portfolios: Each child has their own portfolio binder, which is updated routinely by his/her classroom teachers. The portfolio is a compilation of pictures, quotes, artwork, writing samples (if applicable), and information regarding developmental milestones that chronicles each individual child’s growth and development at Compass. Each portfolio is accessible in the classroom and parents can reference it at any time to gather information about their child’s early learning experiences.

Documenting learning

Marla McLean, Atelierista » Ready for Rigor or Before this…This.

Creativity is Contagious... Pass it On!: 8 Ways to Document Children's Learning; Reggio Emilia Philosophy

A beautiful way to document our day. When words and images are reflected on and interpreted by others it can lead the direction of the curriculum. It then becomes pedagogical documentation.

Documentation is not pretty pictures of engaged children. Rather, it captures the thinking process: What motivated [students] to begin, continue, change direction? What were the breakthroughs, the pivotal remarks or actions? How did they solve the problem? The goal is to enable whoever reads a panel to understand what the child attempted and how they went about it, to see stimulus, process, and outcome. -A. Lewin-Benham ≈ ≈ For more pins

Documentation- pondering a quote

Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers Kindergarten: Ramps, Gravity and Marble Mazes- Love how children can put so much work into documentation because they are so interested!

Documentation from Boulder Journey School (",)

learning experience 1 colors

the many languages of children- spinning project. How do things spin?

A Tree Study-lovely documentation of book that was read-pic collage app-kids connect @Kara Morehouse Hauenstein connect

Twitter / KinderFynes: Here is the book we read b4 ...