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Favorite Places & Spaces

A behind-the-scenes look at the places I love!

The Lane Cover River is not always as placid as you see here, but when it is, the rowing is sublime!

Boatshed Cafe @ Hawks Nest. Love the carrot cake!

North Shore Rowing Club, photo by Peter Wilkinson. I spend a great deal of time there from Sept to May to it has to be one of my fav places.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy An absolute MUST SEE in this life time

above Manhattan © Scott Witt. Unique view of a favourite place.

The Limes Hotel Brisbane. Favorite place to stay when in Brisbane and the bar on top of the hotel certainly helps!

The Laguna Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali . Secret: I check in and don't move. Well, they have 9 pools and I am compelled to loll about in each.

Gillian Adams Day Spa Turramurra. Ok, you you rock up with devil horns UP and emerged as placid as a kitten. Tip: stay for lunch in the sculpture garden.

Woolwich Pier Hotel Sydney. Scene of after party celebrations for 40th birthday. Staff were amazingly accommodating when a broad arrived trailing 11 silver helium filled 1 metre high balloons and a thirsty entourage.

Bennett's Beach - Gusha Canvas Art. Very favourite place! Quiet coastal town with a pub and bakery and magic air to make you feel like you have a grip after being a crazy busy person.

The little bar of fabulousness in East Melbourne. Go for Beeca, the hostess with the mostest and stay for the pizza, wine and chocolate mousse.

A very happy find in lower Manhattan. The New Museum takes its collection from works post 2000. Extra special find...."Jewel" AV presentation by Hassan Khan. Still mesmerised by it two months on...

After 14 hours on a plane from Sydney, I made for the recovery position in this room.