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Desktop Cichlids: The Shell-Dweller Recipe

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Tanganyika tanks are, in this article, defined as tanks that primarily contains several cichlid species from Lake Tanganyika.

The genus Cyprichromis contains some of the most popular and spectacular Tanganyikan cichlids in the hobby. Prized for their mild temperament, schooling behavior, and dazzling colors, they can be found in nearly every hobbyist's Tanganyikan community aquarium.

(WITH SHELL DWELLERS) C leptosoma. Leptos need as much swimming room as is possible, in tank settings a rock wall (that runs from the botton to the top of the tank) down one end or in the middle of the tank is sufficient. The rest of the tank can be left bare to give the as much swimming room as possible, whilst they don’t live in the rocks like other cichlids, they certainly feel at peace with a rock ledge, similar to the way they live in the wild.

Tanganicodus irsacae WITH SHELL DWELLERS

Tanganicodus irsacae

Crypt Spiralis (Cryptocoryne spiralis) have growing

Anubias Barteri var. nana (Dwarf Anubias) have. growing.

Drama, jealousy, aggression, role reversal — you have it all rolled up into a compact little cichlid, Lamprologus stappersii from Lake Tanganyika. I highly recommend this species if you want to breed something slightly different.

Breeding 'Lamprologus' stappersii