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Rick L. Sparks

Rick L. Sparks

Artist, Writer, Music & Film Connoisseur.

Kangaroo Island South Australia Lighthouse

chocolate blackout cake

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  • Saprina Montelongo

    I agree with you Madi as Ginny says how right you are!

  • NPW

    They do exist. One must be careful to whom they are loyal. Don't cast your pearls of loyalty to swine. It will be trampled in hog slop.

  • Carol VanZile

    Good advice NPW

  • NPW

    Thank you Carol VanZile.

  • Chitra Guru

    good advice, NPW... this is my personal experience..

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  • Jillian Crider

    Thank you Susan. It does draw me back ...

  • tony lamberti

    life is great,but you must enjoy it,,it can change as fast as you say enjoy your friends and your family,the food and wine and enjoy the day GOD gave us.......

  • Susan Weatherstone

    UR right Tony .. life is great and I hope I do enjoy it as much as I can .. my husband is my family and my "Relay for Life" (cancer research and assistance) are my friends .. I luv to cook and my father owned a Liquor Store (known as "Wine Shop" in England !) .. TK U God for all U have shown me how to luv in life ..

  • tony lamberti

    enjoy,enjoy your life and your family..the rest is for others to try to find there lifes..I we all can with the grace of GOD AND HIS SAINTS....................

  • Susan Weatherstone

    Very gentle words Tony .. thank you for sharing them ..

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