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Walking Toward Morning: Meditations by Victoria Safford. Wtitten with great joy and attentiveness. These meditations are simply wonderful; you will return to them again and again.

Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry Lee MacLean. A playful way to introduce children to the power of meditation.

Simply Pray: A Modern Spiritual Practice to Deepen Your Life by Erik Walker Wikstrom. Drawing from the wisdom of the world’s religions, Simply Pray offers readers an easy-to-use modern prayer practice free from any particular theological orientation. Wikstrom identifies and defines the four major types of prayer that are practiced by all the world’s major religions.

Living in the Presence: Spiritual Exercises to Open Our Lives to the Awareness of God by Tilden H. Edwards. A masterwork of modern spiritual writing to guide all who long to live a contemplative life.

Bless the Imperfect: Meditations for Congregational Leaders, Kathleen Montgomery. From some of the most prominent voices in UU today come these 50 poems, prayers, and prose reflections to support and celebrate congregational leaders. These meditations alternately are serious and funny, tender and frank portray an avenue for spiritual growth rather than an administrative chore. They inspire and affirm the work of all kinds of leaders professional and volunteer, lay and ordained.

God Makes the Rivers to Flow: An Anthology of the World's Sacred Poetry and Prose by Eknath Easwaran. Deep, ongoing inspiration from the sacred literature of all traditions — the great river of wisdom that is always flowing throughout the world.

Risking Everything: 110 Poems of Love and Revelation by Roger Housden. This luminous anthology brings together great poets from around the world whose work transcends culture and time. Their words reach past the outer divisions to the universal currents of love and revelation that move and inspire us all.

In The Holy Quiet, Richard Gilbert. Whether alone or in community, we often seek momnets of peace to reflect on our lives. The first section of this book features personal meditations and the second presents meditations designed for congregational worship. This is a mixture of meditations from Gilbert's 1995 meditation manual In the Holy Quiet of This Hour and new meditations. These selections are offered to provide moments of calm in a hectic world.

Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening by Cynthia Bourgeault. Encourages dialogue between Centering Prayer enthusiasts and those classic institutions of Christian nurture—churches, seminaries, and schools of theology—that have yet to accept real ownership of the practice and its potential.

Finding Grace at the Center: The Beginning of Centering Prayer by M. Basil Pennington. Reflections and advice on Centering Prayer’s possibilities—and its pitfalls—are presented with clarity and simplicity, with a vision of the deeper life of the soul that contemplative prayer can bring about.

Beginner's Grace: Bringing Prayer to Life, Kate Braestrup. A welcoming modern guide to the simplest, most effective way to satisfy a universal spiritual hunger, Beginner’s Grace is for the religious and nonreligious and even irreligious in its generous, good-humored approach to spirituality. With its insight and warmth, Beginner’s Grace is sure to become a spiritual touchstone for people of all faiths.

Children and Meditation: This free PDF ebook [that] includes several basic meditations for preschoolers to young teens, plus tips on how to teach. Each meditation is illustrated. 13 pages.

Voices from the Margins: An Anthology of Meditations by Jacqui James.

What is mindfulness meditation? #brain

The Daily Compass. The Daily Compass offers words and images to inspire spiritual reflection and encourage the creation of a more loving, inclusive and just world. Produced by the Church of the Larger Fellowship, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation Without Walls

Sonata for Voice and Silence: Meditations. Mark Belletini. The 2008 UUA Meditation Manual. A collection of poetic prayers about human connections, the search for stillness, and the mysteries of life and death. As the title suggests, Belletini's poetry is shaped by the theme of sound and silence. Listen to moon songs, chirping crickets and chanting bees. Experience the silence of love, friendship, snowflakes, and creation. Fifty-four poems.

Consider the Lilies: Meditations. Stephen M. Shick. These meditations, born out of Shick's finely honed mystical naturalism, are exquisitely rythmic. They lure us outdoors to soak in the silent, wondrous, somber reflection and they push us inside, to excavate riches from our inner realms.

With or Without Candlelight: Meditations. Victoria Safford. These meditations, sung in many voices, echo the song of the human soul. In poetry and beautiful prose, writers reflect on the magical, day-to-day dance of the holy and the ordinary. Here are selections for common worship, small groups and for solitary reflection. Celebrations of the spirit, lamentations of the heart, elegant observations of the natural world and eyewitness accounts of the moral universe.

Meditation for Children and Youth (scroll down to 2nd blog).

A humanist's guide to prayer. What would the prayer of a humanist sound like?

This Piece of Eden: Meditations Product Attributes:Author: Vanessa Rush Southern. With all of our different backgrounds and experiences, unique genetic and emotional make-ups, moved as we are by our particular hopes and fears, it is inevitable that we will bump up against each other on occasion. Bumping up against each other, however, can be divine.

Amethyst Beach: Meditations, Barbara Merritt. A UUA meditation manual for 2007.

Evening Tide, Elizabeth Tarbox. An intimate companion but not sentimental, speaking tenderly but plainly and with crystal-clear honesty about things that deeply matter. Large-hearted, fiercely kind, and very brave, Tarbox strides into the gale-force winds of love and loss. These are meditations to restore the soul and bless the day.

Life Tides, Elizabeth Tarbox. Here are 40 meditations that span the seasonal flow of life, finding moments of truth in an Arizona sunrise and falling leaves, in the expectations of Father's Day, and in the silence of a still river. Life Tides invites the reader to pause and listen for the voice of the spirit, whether it's at the ocean or in daily connections with other people.

Falling Into the Sky: A Meditation Anthology. The 2013 UUA Meditation Manual is full of open spaces and possibility. Comprised of forty remarkable writings from Unitarian Universalist ministers, leaders, and lay people, these meditations are full of vivid vistas of imagination and reflection.