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99 Life Hacks That Could Make Your Life Easier

Flip Flop Wreath

...and I just sat here and read every one of these LOL...


  • Kris Redwood

    first thing i noticed is what he noticed "First of all" i'm so proud of my brainses

f*** obama

  • Jamie Hisey Rogers

    Wow. You're an idiot.

  • Pancakes

    You could show your patriotism in another way besides the ignorance of this post.

  • Reese Michelle

    Lol. Ignorance is bliss!

  • Allena Tapia

    oh too funny how the "recognize god's presence" chick is actually a bigot. things that make you go hmmmmmmm. like or dislike new programs, whatever, but bigotry is over, you are now the few, and will fizzle out within a generation or two.

  • Samantha Nicole

    Agree with you completely @amber tapia!

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