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Garden play house for a girl

Similar to nursery flats, these rectangular, plastic trays are divided into planting cells — all slanted at a 30-degree angle, with bottom holes that promote drainage and aeration. Each tray comes with a bracket for mounting, though you'll need to add a wood frame to achieve the "wall art" look above. Read more: Vertical Gardening Ideas - How To Make a Vertical Garden - Country Living

Love this, no more having to mow against a fence. And with the stone edging being dug into the ground, you can mow right over it; easy.

Squash hill in cross section: To make watering easier, sink a pot in the ground at planting time and sow the squash seeds around the outside of the pot. When you fill the pot with water, it drains out the holes in the bottom, immediately reaching the roots of the plants. Plant a cover crop of hairy vetch around the hills to discourage weeds and feed the soil.

A secret trick to better squash? When the seedlings are up and thinned, it's time to plant hairy vetch between the hills. The vetch prevents erosion and keeps the ground cooler on hot summer days. It also crowds out most weeds in the space between the hills. But its greatest virtue is that, as a legume, it changes the nitrogen in the air into a form that can be taken up by the squash plants, a process known as nitrogen fixation.

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