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100 Days of Guilt-Free Holidays

Gear up for another whirlwind holiday season! We've got healthy recipes, diet help, fast workouts, and more to get you started.

Stop the sniffles this season with this health-boosting advice

What's his family thinking? Does everyone like the gifts I got? You can totally stress yourself out during the holidays just by thinking too much. How to put a pin in it and bring on the zen

Cheer up! This is how you nix holiday stress and diet disasters

Still stuck for a good resolution? Here are 7 you can actually accomplish next year.

Move of the day: Lunge to Push-Up. The perfect move to get you ready for that strapless dress!

Almost time to ring in the New Year! Choose which makeup look you'll be rocking for the ball drop.

Thinking of getting on track from the holidays with a new fad diet? We tested them for you first:

Our top tip for making it through family bonding time today? Have a sense of humor, it helps!

Snag this trendy yoga mat for your always-panicked gal pal. Diane von Furstenberg yoga mat for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection, $50,

Move of the day: the Tube Walk. Work your booty even at your in-laws!

Ack! Christmas already? Pick up one of these last-minute fitness gifts. We love this sweat-wicking Oakley top!

Need to bring a dish to your holiday dinner? These mini sweet potato gratins will wow the crowd.

The site says 41% of people have regifted an item. Try something new with one of these stress-busting buys instead.

A waist-friendly holiday app: Wild Mushroom Crostini

Think you'll be overly tempted this week? Add 10 minutes more to your workouts to offset any slip-ups!

Don't let holiday travel weigh you down (literally!). Pack with these travel beauty tips in mind. Hint: Now is the time to downsize!

Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants, try using them as a salad dressing on your holiday table.

Went overboard last night at your holiday dinner? Don't deprive yourself today, you'll just overeat later.

Super cute gifts ideas under $25. Perfect for coworkers & Secret Santa!

  • Rae

    This is actually $19.99 and the matching thermos is $24.99 :)

One pig in a blanket can clock in at 150 calories! (And who has just 1?) More holiday foods to drop here.

Great tip from advisory board member Nancy Redd on how to make it through a holiday cocktail party. Hint: She fakes it!

Drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast (or any meal). It acts as a calorie-free appetizer & may boost metabolism.

Best news ever: Chocolate boosts your metabolism! Certain compounds in it reduce the stress human cortisol. Score!

Fun holiday finds for your foodie friends. How cute are the Baking for Good cookies?

Women who do yoga 3x/week have better balance, muscle control & leg strength. Hello, stilettos!