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Formal frock coat, 1780-1790. Golden silk velvet with metallic thread embroidery.

Redingote, 1785-95 From the Musee Galliera - Fripperies and Fobs

Redingote, 1785-95 From the Musee Galliera - Fripperies and Fobs

Jacket, ca 1790 France, KCI The British lifestyle of enjoying rural life and hunting in natural surroundings also became popular in France, and the clothes became more simplified in and after the 1770s. “Redingotes,” or riding coat, which had been popular among men for horse riding or traveling, influenced women’s clothes, resulting in sophisticated jackets like this

Dress, 1785-90 France, MFA Boston

Round gown undated, possibly 1790's?

Digitalt Museum - Kjole

Embroidered muslin chemise a la reine, French, 1785-89. Worn by the second Mrs. Oberkampf. Musée de Jouy.

La Nuit au Musée | Costumière hystérique

Ensemble. "This gown and matching stomacher are made of very fine silk. Because of its shine or lustre, the fabric was called a lustring or lutestring. The process of 'lustrating' involved stretching and moistening the textile. In a 1756 treatise, silk designers are advised that ornaments for lustring ‘must be open and airy’ so as not to obscure the glazed ground." (1752-1775) Museum of London. See detail next...

Dress Ensemble | Museum of London

Man's at-home cap (bonnet d'interieur), France, 1750-1770. Cream silk satin with floral embroidery worked in polychrome silk floss. Cuff of the cap trimmed with narrow silver lace and the crown with a silver bullion tassel.

Man's at-home cap (bonnet d'interieur) -

Suit. French, 1765-75. Silk, metallic, metal, cotton. Metropolitan Museum of Art. [Rococo]

Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century: Fashion

A pair of beautiful cream, blue stripe, & floral shoes in pristine condition | 1760-70, Bata Shoe Museum

Mi Rincón: ZAPATOS 1740-1900...

Pet-en-l'air and petticoat, c. 1750. Lime green silk ottoman having wide ombree blue, black and white stripe, double fan shaped cuff trimmed in looped cord.


Woman's Dress (Robe à l'anglaise). Made in United States, 1780s. Peach silk satin.

Detail front view, levite or round gown, The Netherlands, 1780-1800. Sky blue silk taffeta with a light blue silk sash.

Diary of a Mantua Maker: 1775-79

Diary of a Mantua Maker: 1775-79

Long cream dress with open front skirt panel showing white underskirt. Ca.1793-97. From the Museum of Costume, Bath. The outline has practically no side extensions!

Paxton House 18th Century costume collection

History & Collections | Paxton House | Scottish Borders


Robe à l’anglaise ca. 1770 and jacket and waistcoat ca. 1790