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Jason Griggs

Jason Griggs

Make me smile :)

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  • Suzanna Akins

    my dream that keeps recurring is a rape dream...and it's terrifying so i really hope it's not my destiny

  • Lucy TG

    I hope my dream that keeps happening (me meeting Honey Boo Boo) comes true!!!!

  • AskaTicket

    every one has different kinda dreams varying between good ones or bads .. it is upto your own wish that which one you want to fulfil

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  • Morgan

    this is really funny... and also, congrats on that A in chem!!!!

  • Lucy TG

    Hahaha so funny!!!!

  • Emily Barbet

    Similar to the mother who sent the message 'grandma died LOL' thinking it meant lots of love!!! How very inappropriate :-/

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