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Worst Heeled 2013

Flip Flop Shops 2013 "Worst Heeled" List - Please feel free to share!

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1. Old Navy The price speaks for itself. Any flip flop for $2.50 is not for the faint of feet. Flimsy plastic eschews the crucial support needed to ensure feet stay in working order and don’t get bent out of shape. Tip: always invest in quality sandals and casual kicks only from trusted footwear brands – your feet will thank you, and your friends will compliment you. Source: Pinterest #flipflop #freeyourtoes #heel #oldnavy #footwear #flimsy

Bonus Entry: Worst Heeled Lifetime Achievement Award While the “Scary Beautiful” shoe debuted in 2012, it makes this list for the Lifetime Achievement Award. They were created by Cape Town-based designer Leanie van der Vyver for a college graduation project, a hybrid shoe/art installment intended as a commentary on the current fashion industry standards. We do appreciate these shoes for making us think…about immediately getting into our most comfortable pair of flip flops.

2. Winde Rienstra We give our Euro neighbors credit for cutting edge fashion sense, but we draw the line at shoes which appear to be cut from trees. These lookers (actually from cardboard) were created as part of the Spring/Summer 2014 runway collection by imaginative Amsterdam designer Winde Rienstra. Although we can’t get behind them, Ms. Rienstra gets props for fashioning footwear from recycled materials. Now that part, we love. Source: TrendHunter #flipflop #heel #freeyourtoes

5. United Nude Number five is a two for one special – the “Eamz Pump” (top, $290) and the “Step Mobius Pump” (bottom, $325), both by architecturally-driven brand United Nude. The Mobius looks like it ran away with the display rack, while the Eamz resembles a door stop. Actually, shhhh…we’re secretly in love with both, just don’t tell our flip flops. Source: SHOPBOP #flipflop #heel #freeyourtoes

9. Dolce & Gabbana You know those times when you’re in a pinch for a mini bird cage? This Dolce & Gabbana creation comes to the rescue. Spotted at the designer’s Fall-Winter 2013 runway show in Milan, they will have your feet chirping notes of sorrow in no time. On the plus side, these are perfect for all those fairy-themed cocktail parties you’re invited to. Source: Pinterest #flipflop #heel #freeyourtoes

10. Privileged Shoes We spotted the gravity-defying “missing heel” trend everywhere this year - as a rule, we don’t have any shoe’s back that is destined to hurt ours. However, it was this $175 gem from Privileged Shoes that stopped our disco ball in its tracks. While it may be painful to look at, aesthetic points go to the jelly-inspired baubles for giving us a brief Candy Crush fix. #flipflop #heel #freeyourtoes