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Attack Of The Funny Animals - 51 Pics

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 51 Pics

I just can't not laugh, animals acting like people. So funny... but why?

Eating breakfast…

Blue Seahorse wildlife animals pictures photography nature


Imgend - Picture This.

The strong, silent type: Remaong, the other of the Tierpark Zoo's baby panther cubs, has less of a temper than his sister. Photo: Sean Gallup, Getty Images / 2012 Getty Images

SFGate: Day in Pictures, July 13, 2012

kissyface - one of my most popular shots on Flicker - has had almost 6000 views to date

pygmy goats - I used to have one just like this...his name was Pete and a tan one named Molly

mini cows -- "The Jersey has been, and still is, one of the most desirable breeds chosen for a family milk cow. Of all the milking breeds, milking Jersey cows are still the highest in butterfat production and in total solids. This makes them perfect for those who enjoy making cheese, yogurt, butter, and other dairy delicacies. "

Hickory Ridge Farms - Miniature Jersey

I'm thinking about jumping up... I may need a lift... #HappyAlert via Happy Hippo Billy