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for various types of "camping" - for the lake house, social bonfires, RV camping, and/or actual backpacking

Sleep under the stars with a protection of a tent.

REI Quarter Dome 2 Tent

The Power Pot: A Fire Powered USB Charger — Devices and Cases -- Better Living Through Design

The Power Pot: A Fire Powered USB Charger

How to Choose a Backpack. From extended trips to ultra-lightweight backpacking.

Warning... highly addictive. Bailey's Dipped Toasted Marshmallows. <-- Camping snack: identified.

Here’s a pack-loading strategy we recommend for stability and comfort on the trail.

The Art of Camp Cooking.

Intro to Fish Trap, Fish Netting and Gill Net, by Shivam - Survival Food Gear

How to Build a Self Feeding Fire Upside Down Fire

Three Quick Tips To Identify Dry Firewood

Literaly this does it all ! ! ! Magnesium and fire flint toggle, Emergency whistle buckle, 14 Paracord, 3 jute fire tender, name tage is a saw, knife and a signal morror. Inside is 2 #6 fish hooks and 4 3/0 split tin fishing sinkers. The internal strands of the paracord IS the fishing line.

Old knowledge, easy fish trap