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best girls come from florida <3

Something fun for guests to do at the table for a wedding! What should we name our kids? What is the most romantic place we should visit? What is the best marriage advice you have ever received? What is your favorite memory of us? Where do you see us in 25 years? When did you know we were meant for each other?

3 crossing wedding bands. Ecc. 4:12 states a cord of 3 strands is not quickly broken. God, Husband and wife. LOVE this

90s kid problems

Mt. Rushmore from the Canadian side...

  • Ashley Korzinski

    ...on the playground is where I spent most of my days. Chillin and relaxin and actin all cool, shootin some bball outside of the school...

  • Dahlia

    Totally just sang the rest of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Theme song to myself right now! =P lol

  • Sara Lee <3 Rogers

    I remember all of that except dunkaroos

  • Merridith Engelhardt

    i've been slimmed, so i don't need to dream of doing that. also still have my now and now 2 cds

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