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Amazon's reasons why Fire is better than iPad2

  • Trish Woods Martin

    What do you think of the Fire Jules? My daughter wants one...I like the price compared to ipad.

  • Julie Ward

    I don't have it yet - if I don't get it for Cmas from Keith, I am buying it for myself. I thought i wanted the iPad until I read more- I love my Kindle,l and I want a tablet. This is everything I need.

  • Pam Fogerson

    Is it comparable to the Nook Tablet?

  • Julie Ward

    I DID get it for Christmas. :) It's similar to the Nook, yes, Pam - but it's a whole different world. With the Nook, you only can buy from Barnes and Noble and with the Kindle it's only Amazon. I think that's the major difference.

Seriously? I need to find this!