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Elizabeth Keckley. Former slave turned businesswoman. Mary Lincoln's dressmaker and friend in the White House.

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) explorations in the early childhood classroom

This activity will get kids to look for many different things in a natural setting as they look for a different natural object for each letter of t...

What a fun way to deck the halls with science brilliance! I don't know which science teacher did this, but is sure is AWESOME! Christmas door decorating contest... And the science teacher took first place!

Our Wonderful Water Cycle Lesson Plan from Lakeshore Learning: Children begin to understand evaporation, condensation and precipitation!

Hands on science...anchor chart pumpkins...

This 19 slide highly interactive powerpoint includes the definition of cause and effect, and several different examples. Students will love this.

Soda sink or float. Have kids predict whether sodas will sink or float. Most will assume they will all act the same but they won't! Diet pop floats and regular sinks. Nice way to touch on sugar content too :)

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