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DIY Duck Blind

There are lots of ways to hide in the marsh. Some folks have published their red-neck engineering for others to incorporate their own ingenuity as needed. Here is what I've found so far.

Patent Drawing: The axle is biased against rotation in one direction, typically with surgical tubing or a spring. It is also provided with a pull cord that is attached to the axle. When the tension on the pull cord is released. This will rewind the string around the axle, readying the decoy for another pull.

Patent US6665975 - Motion decoy

Manual "mallard machine" type jerk string diagram

Jerk String Help : Hunting Gear Forum

By having something run perpendicular to your keel you can “super-charge” your decoy's jerk string rig

Blue Moon's Jerk String 101

Blue Moon's Jerk String 101

A different version of the a Texas style rig for decoys

Texas Rigging Decoys : Duck Decoy Forum

Texas Rig: You take a length (36-48 inches) of 400 pound mono, two crimps, a swivel, and a weight, and you assemble them as you see above. Crimp the weight to one end. Take the other end, and pass it through the swivel, which is connected to the decoy. After it is through, you make a double loop and crimp it tight.

texas rigs | David Denies

400 monofilament fishing line. 2.2mm double barrel crimps. Crimp tool. Some kind of weight, I am using egg sinkers here but you can re-use old strap weights also

Color coded lines according to line length, for Texas rigged decoys.

Duck decoys: some cork and roughed out pine heads

DIY homemade duck decoys can do the trick - Farm and Dairy

Canoe Blind...the cattail are a little thin and a little green...but the idea of using a pvc frame and netting is all right.

Nucanoe with pvc frame for duck blind

Forum | Hunting | Fishing | Canoes | Kayaks | NuCanoe

Nucanoe with camo netting, ghillie material, and half of a beanbag chair...not too shabby...and easy on the pocket book.

Forum | Hunting | Fishing | Canoes | Kayaks | NuCanoe

Stealth 2000 Boat Layout Style

converting jonboat to duck blind

The Put Hut only weighs 8.5 pounds and comes with a shoulder strap.

How it Works | The Put Hut

PUT HUT, muskrat hut duck blind made out of wire frame, floats, and canvas...

Waterfowl Blinds - Wildfowl Magazine

WAR EAGLE that is a boat blind...

Waterfowl Blinds - Wildfowl Magazine

DIY duck blind construction.

floating shell by zip-tying pipe insulation to decoy

Goose shells to floaters : Goose Decoy Forum

Stormdrane's Blog: September 2010

Stormdrane's Blog: September 2010

Paracord duck call lanyard. Holds 3 calls but can be expanded to hold more without taking it apart.

Camoflaged kayak or canoe

Secrets of Digital Bird Photography