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Adventures in Odyssey

A place to celebrate everything about Adventures in Odyssey!

Worship Notes for Kiddos

Don't forget Advent begins December 1. Check it out at

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Our three Get in the Show finalists. Shona (right) won the chance to be featured on our next recording.

Celebrating 25 years with a live show in Dallas last summer! Have any ideas for new episodes to air in the next 25 years? On stage at the live show in Dallas, Texas, June 16, 2012. From left: host Chuck Bolte, Kimmy Robertson (voice of Penny), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie), Andre Stojka (voice of Whit), Will Ryan (voice of Eugene), Zach Callison (voice of Matthew), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason), Jess Harnell (voice of Wooton), and host Chris Anthony

Our fearless host, Chris Anthony, stops to smile for the camera. What part would you love to play if you were on our show?

Will Ryan and Andre Stojka. the current voice of Mr. Whittaker, talking before recording. What is the best lesson that Whit has ever taught you?

Who are these two detectives? Zach Callison and Christian Pucelli, the full crew of the Jones and Parker Detective Agency

Who do you hear every episode that you never hear? Our SFX crew! From left: Sound designer Nathan Jones has the keys to Whit’s End, Carol Rusk prepares to slide down a snow-covered hill with Alex Jefferson, Marshal Younger makes the sound of a miniexcavator, Jonathan Crowe uses a makeshift hula skirt, Kathy Buchanan is a prisoner, Executive producer Dave Arnold uses a hula skirt and a suit of armor, Sound designer Chris Diehl puts out a fire, Writer Nathan Hoobler answers the Whit’s End phone

Who writes Adventures in Odyssey? Paul McCusker both writes AND directs Adventures in Odyssey

Dave Madden, the voice of Bernard Walton shares a laugh in the studio. What's your favorite AIO quote?

  • Amanda

    Bernard is hands down my favorite! I love listening when he tells stories!

  • ChocolateCake

    I LOVE Bernard!!! " Stick me with needles and call me a pin cushion!" "Fill me with popcorn and call me cracker jack!" "Happy Valentines

  • ChocolateCake

    Day! Please stop making the meatloaf!" All Bernard quotes!!! He is HILARIOUS! When him and Wooton get going...XD

Donald and Genni Long (who play Jack Davis and Lucy Cunningham) are the cutest couple in Adventures in Odyssey and in real life!

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The goofy Odyssey cast after recording “The Triangled Web" episode. Standing, from left: Sound design Jonathan Crowe, executive producer Dar Arnold, sound designer Nathan Jones, actors Fabio Stephens (Curt Stevens), Genni Long (Lucy Cunningham-Schultz), Donald Long (Jack Davis), Katie Leigh (Connie), David Griffin (Jimmy Barclay), producer Marshal Younger. Sitting, from left: Actors Will Ryan (Eugene), Dave Madden (Bernard Walton), Paul Herlinger (Whit), and host Chris Anthony

The Odyssey gang hanging outside the North Hollywood Studio

Will Ryan, the voice of Eugene Meltsner, interviews Corey Burton, the voice of Cryin’ Bryan Dern

We don't play favorites but Katie Leigh, who plays Connie, is our favorite!

Jess Harnell, the voice of Wooton Basset gives a thumbs up for Adventures in Odyssey

Paul Herlinger, the second voice of Mr. Whittaker, wants to know: What is your favorite AIO episode?

  • Amanda

    Too many to list. But, anything before Nova com was the best!

  • Lianna Melvin ツ

    My Faves are too many to count... but to be fair, I have favorites from each Album. I'm still adjusting to the newer ones, but it's slowly getting easier to enjoy them. :)

  • Linda Kendrick

    too many to count

  • Emily Brown


If you were on AIO, what part would you play? Meet Lauren Schaffel, who plays Odyssey Owl Reporter Liz Horton, and Corey Padnos, Odyssey Middle School’s Top Student, Trent DeWhite

The 25th anniversary group! Who is your favorite character from Adventures in Odyssey? Back row: Walker Edmiston (voice of Tom Riley), Chuck Bolte (voice of George Barclay), Paul Herlinger (voice of John Whittaker), Townsend Coleman (voice of Jason Whittaker) Front row: host Chris Anthony, Aria Curzon (voice of Mandy Straussberg), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie Kendall)

Look! It's executive producer of Adventures in Odyssey, Chuck Bolte.

Here is the 1994Odyssey gang! How old were you when this was taken? From left: Alan Young (voice of Jack Allen), Walker Edmiston (voice of Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone), Will Ryan (voice of Eugene Meltsner), Katie Leigh (voice of Connie Kendall), Dave Madden (voice of Bernard Walton), Dave Arnold (sound designer), Paul McCusker (producer)

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Who loves Whit the most? This is Hal Smith, the first man to play Mr. Whittaker.