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Planning a cruise? Here's some useful information for the environmental traveler.

Hidden Pollutants - WHO PAYS? | Electric Cars |

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With the explosion of vessel traffic, including cruise ship traffic, in U.S. oceans, our marine sanctuaries are under serious threat of degradation from vessel discharges: Anacapa Arch, Channel Islands National Park, California   Photo by Antonio Busiello

On August 1, landmark regulations to reduce air pollution from ships traveling along the North American coastline went into effect. The North American Emission Control Area forces ships to reduce their toxic air emissions. According to the EPA the rules will prevent up to 31,000 premature deaths annually by 2030. But the cruise industry is lobbying hard to weaken the ECA, so we need your help. Urge the EPA and the State Department to protect the Emission Control Area -- and the air we breathe.

The repercussions of oil drilling are likely to be disastrous for the people and animals that depend on the Arctic Ocean for survival. Yet Shell wants to start drilling there. Urge President Obama to stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

Government Fails on Offshore Drilling Report Card