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3-Ingredient Recipes

It doesn't get too much easier unless you order take-out.

55 Pins

3-Ingredient Recipes

  • 55 Pins

Egg Salad: "I've been looking for a simple egg salad recipe that doesn’t call for a long list of ingredients, and this was perfect!" -miss c

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Broil a Perfect Steak: "I was happy to have this recipe during the winter when we couldn't use our grill. The steaks got a great sear on the outside, but they stayed nice and pink on the inside." -Baby Duck

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Quick Tortilla Pizza: "I used low-carb, whole-wheat tortillas and topped them with sauce, cheese, pepperoni and some Italian seasoning. They reminded me of my favorite thin-crust pizza from a nearby restaurant." -Sherie717

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Quick Hash Browns: "Five stars for this method! It took no extra time than when I have tried to make hash browns and shredded raw potatoes, and it cooked up much better!" -Nif

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Glazed Carrots: "Super fast to make and tasted soo good!" -AZPARZYCH

Glazed Carrots Recipe - - 103328

Milk Chocolate Rolled Crescents: "I used raspberry jam and mini-chocolate-chips for a combination that was to die for. Some dried or fresh fruit or some caramel sauce would also be nice inside these!" -A.B. Hall

Milk Chocolate Rolled Crescents

Ravioli Con Pesto: "This is simple goodness! It takes just minutes to make! Use any flavor ravioli you like -- we prefer Italian Sausage Ravioli." -Charmie777

Ravioli Con Pesto

Cheerios Marshmallow Bars: Only three ingredients and you already know two of them from the name!

Cheerios Marshmallow Bars

Christmas Mint Cookies: Melting chocolate, peppermint extract and a Ritz cracker. Yep, a Ritz cracker. Word is they taste like Thin Mints!

Christmas Mint Cookies

Linda's Standing Rib Roast: "Serve this with garlic mashed potatoes, brown sugar glazed carrots, coleslaw and rolls and you have a meal fit for a king!" -Linda's Busy Kitchen

Linda's Standing Rib Roast

Dill Pickle Ham Pinwheels - via Michele Marie, who says "These are wonderful!!" We totally agree.

Simple Thanksgiving Appetizers - 3 Ingredient Recipes -
  • Deborah DePersis

    I forgot how much I used to love these, I really must make them for a snack.

  • Faye Santos

    Me to , I forgot all about them..., my mom used to make them for parties! ...

  • Su Stafford

    We've used ham overlapped with mortadella. Really nice combo for a change! Great tip on drying of the pickles . . . otherwise they get loose and sloppy! Haven't had them for a while. Thanks for sharing and reminding me how much we love them!

Sausage Pinwheels & More 3-Ingredient Appetizers: Need a quick dish to kick things off at your big holiday feast or next dinner party? These will keep guests snacking till dinnertime.

Simple Thanksgiving Appetizers - 3 Ingredient Recipes -

Easiest Party Meatballs: "Your guests will flip over these meatballs that are so easy, you'll feel positively GUILTY for all the compliments you'll get!" -Elle Woods Can Cook

Easiest Party Meatballs

Cheese and Ham Pockets: "These are great for a throw-together quick appetizer. I could see making these for a late night snack, or even breakfast." -Pam-I-Am

Cheese and Ham Pockets

Tiger Butter: "A chocolate and peanut butter lover's dream come true!" -SilentCricket

Tiger Butter Recipe - - 44048

3-Ingredient Ice Cream Sandwich Cake: "This makes a delicious dessert that looks great! I originally saw it in Woman's Day, and they used Whoppers candy, but I used Oreos in mine." -Sherri35

3 Ingredient Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Easy Shrimp Dip: "This is such a great recipe. It is easy and is so good! I get asked to make this for holiday parties." -Small Town Cook

Easy Shrimp Dip
  • Leslie Howard

    I also make this with imitation crab meat shredded. Spread out the soft cream cheese then add the shredded crab and then the cocktail sauce. Very yummy also!!

  • Living Busy with Janine

    what an intersting pin you have here

Simple & Quick Tilapia Pesto

Simple and Quick Tilapia Pesto

Diet Coke Cake: "A friend in college gave me this recipe, if you can even call it that! This cake comes out so moist and delicious! For those of you who are worried, it doesn't taste like Diet Coke - I promise!" -AnnieLynne

Diet Coke Cake Recipe -

Crock Pot Cola Barbecue Pork Roast: Cook it overnight for weekend sandwiches! Makes great barbecue sandwiches! You can use your favorite cola and sauce to vary the tastes. Good to freeze in smaller portions and pull out as needed.

Crock Pot Cola Barbecue Pork Roast
  • Ida Evans

    I've tried this recipe, using Dr. Pepper and it was amazing! My finicky family really loved!

  • Bea Cook

    Sounds Good !!! I am going to make this recipe and try your Dr. Pepper !!!

Bacon Dogs: "These dogs are about as easy as it gets. And they're good too!" -lazyme

Bacon Dogs Recipe - - 468566

3 Ingredient Ice Cream Sandwich Cake: Pick your favorite candy or cookies -- Oreos, Whoppers, Butterfingers -- to sprinkle in.

3 Ingredient Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Chewy Macaroons: "So simple, yet so tasty and delicious!" -nemokitty

3 Ingredient Chewy Macaroons
  • Pamela Neblett

    I absolutely love macaroons. Even better because it's so easy to make.

Peanut Butter Puffs: "Great with a glass of milk for a quick afternoon treat!" -ms_bold

Peanut Butter Puffs (Only 3 Ingredients)

Cool Whip Cake Mix Cookies: Try one of the flavored cake mixes for an extra twist!