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DIY Cleaning & Beauty

Homemade solutions for some of your everyday household needs -- from kitchen and bathroom cleaners to do-it-yourself beauty scrubs, masks and more.

Dishwasher Cleaning Made Easy: You just need two ingredients!

Dish Washer Cleaning Made Easy
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Easy, All-Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Two ingredients, no harsh chemical or perfume-y smell.

Easy, All-Natural Hard Floor Cleaner

Homemade Drain Cleaner and Declogger: "For those of you who hate poison-type drain cleaners, use white vinegar and baking soda. This will clean and unclog a drain." -Mirj

Homemade Drain Cleaner and Declogger

Laminate Floor Cleaner: No harsh chemicals! This homemade cleaner will make your floors look bright and streak free.

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Floor Grease Cutter Cleaner: "Today was the day I pulled all the appliances away from the walls so heavy duty cleaning was called for. This worked really well at a fraction of the cost of commercial cleaner." -Dreamer in Ontario

Floor Grease Cutter Cleaner

Computer Screen & Keyboard Cleaner

Computer Screen & Keyboard Cleaner

Make silver shine: Line a glass pan with foil, add several spoonfuls of baking soda, fill the pan with boiling water, and drop in tarnished silverware for a quick cleaning.

10 Uses for Aluminum Foil

Shower Head Cleaner. Photo by Dreamer in Ontario

Shower Head Cleaner

Put two caps full of vanilla extract in a coffee cup, then place it in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. Within twenty minutes the whole house smells like Heaven. It's actually a common realtor trick.

Get Rid of Household Odors with Vanilla Extract

Permanent Marker Remover: "My kids were coloring with a permanent marker and it bled through onto my new kitchen table. This worked wonders!" -Elaineymay

Permanent Marker Remover

Remove Sticker Glue from Cookware: "This worked for me when scrubbing for hours wouldn't!!!!" -UmmBinat

Remove Sticker Glue from Steel Pots

How to Test Your Oven Temperature Without a Thermometer: All you need is sugar and aluminum foil!

How to Test Your Oven Temperature Without a Thermometer

Remove Water Marks From Wooden Furniture: "Our coffee table looks almost new! This is a very helpful recipe." -LynneBethany

How to Remove Water Marks from Wooden Furniture

Drip Coffeemaker Cleaner: No more gunky coffeemaker.

Drip Coffee Maker Cleaner

Homemade Vegetable Wash/Preserver That Works! (Spray or Soak): This really works and works very well! No chemicals 100% natural and will remove dust and dirt and kill any little bugs and bacteria not to mention it costs only pennies to make...

Homemade Vegetable Wash/Preserver That Works! (Spray or Soak)

Drain Cleaner & Declogger - Who needs an expensive plumber's bill?

25 DIY Tips And Recipes For Home And Beauty Hacks -

Laundry Detergent Powder: "This is a space saver and super economical!" -Mindelicious

25 DIY Tips And Recipes For Home And Beauty Hacks -

20 Must-See Homemade Cleaning Solutions -- From DIY jewelry cleaner to a Soft Scrub copycat, we've got 20 of our most popular homemade cleaning solutions right here.

25 DIY Tips And Recipes For Home And Beauty Hacks -

Faux Febreeze: "Wonderful dirt cheap alternative. This version is about 5 cents to make and the scent is much nicer." -Loves2Teach

Faux Febreeze Recipe - - 71485